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Bright Work

Diamond Jet Detailing are specialists in Bright Work polishing. All of our staff have been trained in the UK and are fully certified by an independent aerospace training facility. We regularly carry out on-going training with our staff to ensure their skills are always of the highest level and the quality of our work remains unmatched in the industry. Bright Work is all the known aluminium or stainless steel on the aircraft, including the leading edges, wing & engine lip skins, exhausts and windscreen surrounds. The aircrafts leading edges and engine lip skins are critical flight surfaces and should always be clean and free from corrosion, if Bright Work is polished on a regular basis a barrier is built up and can protect these surfaces from damage or erosion.

DJD pay great care and attention when performing any type of procedure to your bright work. This process should never be rushed, and depending on the condition of the aircrafts Bright Work the process can take up to 6 different specialist aviation approved compounds being applied and removed from the Bright Work one at a time. Bright Work should only ever be worked on by skilled professionals, using the correct equipment and aviation approved products.

There are three categories of state that Bright Work fall into:

  • Good Condition | Bright Work will polish back using normal procedures and up to 3 different compounds.
  • Bad Condition | Bright Work requires additional procedures, more time and up to 5 different grades of pastes and compounds.
  • Corrosion Removal | Bright Work requires a heavy oxidation removal processes using specialist sand papers, pastes and up to 6 different compounds.

Once all corrosion is removed and the required numbers of pastes and compounds have been used, DJD will then slowly restore all of the aluminium or stainless steel surfaces of your aircraft back to a mirror like shine.

Gulfstream Aircraft always require a coating of Xzilon after all Bright Work renovation in order to conform to the manufacturers' maintenance procedures manual.

Please contact DJD for further information on all of our Bright Work procedures and to discuss your own needs and requirements.