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The Complete DJD External Clean & Detailing

At Diamond Jet Detailing, we pride ourselves on the level of detail we take in cleaning the exterior of your aircraft, including complete removal of all grease and traffic films that have built up on the aircrafts exterior before applying aviation approved high resin polymer wax. This provides protection to the aircrafts paintwork from UV sunlight damage and salt erosion.

  • Aircraft Nose | Remove all foreign debris, degrease and wipe down.
  • Windscreen | Remove all foreign debris with ultra-low lint cloths.
  • Main Fuselage | Degrease to remove soot, foreign debris and traffic film.
  • Wing Tops | Wipe down with degreaser to clean all contaminants away.
  • Leading Edges | Remove all debris with low-lint cloths and buff dry.
  • Wings (Underside) | Degrease and wipe down with microfiber cloths, then buff dry.
  • Gear / Undercarriage | Degrease and clean down with brushes and wipe dry with microfiber cloths.
  • Engines | Wipe all cowlings down with microfiber cloths to remove oil and soot, then buff dry.
  • Engine Exhausts & APU | Remove all foreign debris from lip skins and soot from the exhausts.
  • Tail / Horizontal Stabilizer | Clean all surfaces with microfiber cloths and degreaser then buff dry.

Paint Restoration

Is your aircrafts paint starting to gather a misty or chalky film or it is feeling rough to the touch? If so then it is highly recommended that you have the paintwork fully restored by using a special compounding procedure, extending the lifespan of your aircrafts paintwork and eliminating the need for a hugely expensive and time consuming re-spray of the entire aircraft.

Please contact DJD to arrange a No Obligation evaluation and quotation for our Paint Restoration services.

Additional Polishes/Specialist Coatings

Please see 'Polishes' and 'Specialist Coatings' above or contact DJD for more detailed information.

Please contact DJD to schedule your Complete External Clean & Detailing and to discuss your specific needs and requirements.