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Polishes & Specialist Coatings

Clear Glaze

ClearGlaze is a PolyFluro Sealant used to maintain a super high gloss "show quality" finish for paint in new or excellent condition.

  • Adds a deep shine by applying a PolyFlouro sealant gloss surface on all painted surfaces that are in good to excellent condition.
  • Seals surfaces and leaves a protective coating against the suns UV radiation, repels and protects against all atmospheric corrosion, salt spray and pollutions.
  • Fully aviation approved and safe to use on all aircraft components.
  • Preserves and protects substrates.


Xzilon is a product which carries molecular adhesion properties and protects the surface it is applied to against UV radiation, acid rain, salt ingression and corrosion. In addition, several airframe manufacturers have tested and approved the use of Xzilon on their aircraft with NTO (No Technical Objection) notices or inclusion in work procedures or Aircraft Maintenance Manuals.

  • Prevents corrosion from occurring on the Bright work and seals the Bright work polish.
  • Heat-resistant up to 450°F.
  • Helps prevent damage against harmful UV radiation.
  • Prevents ingression and corrosion.

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