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Pre & Post Flight Cleaning and Detailing

Diamond Jet Detailing (DJD) Pre & Post Flight External cleaning & detailing consists of a quick complete wipe down of the external areas removing the noticeable grime, soot and carbon, as well as any other foreign matter and debris, safely disposing of any garbage and deodorizing. This is generally requested for a time constrained turnaround to ensure an on-time departure.

Pre and Post External

  • Fuselage | A complete wipe down with microfiber mops and buff dry.
  • Wings | A complete wipe down with Tech-Spray and buff dry, remove all foreign debris from leading edges.
  • Cabin Steps | Clean steps and door surround with TechSpray and buff dry.
  • Windscreen | Degrease, clean and remove all foreign matter.
  • Undercarriage / Gear | Wipe down gear, oleo's and clean wheels.

Pre and Post Internal

  • Galley | Clean all food preparation areas and wipe cabinets, empty bins and safely dispose of all garbage.
  • Main Cabin | Vacuum and remove any food debris, clean all windows, wipe tables with anti-bacterial surfactant and deodorise.
  • Rear Cabin & Toilet | Clean and Sanitise with NanoKill and safely dispose of all garbage.
  • Cabin Seating & Chairs | Wipe all seats and seating area to remove any debris and then dress seat belts.
  • Cockpit | Vacuum carpet, wipe controls with NanoKill, clean the windscreen and then dress seat belts.

DJD cleaning and detailing ensures your aircraft is ready for operation in a time efficient manner. We leave your aircraft visibly clean, free of foreign matter and debris internally and externally, so that your passengers and crew can enjoy a clean, fresh, sterile and safe environment during their next flight.

Please contact DJD to schedule your Pre/Post Flight Clean and to discuss your specific needs and requirements.