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Your aircraft is a valuable asset and should be treated like one, in every way possible. Maintaining the paint work, bright work and interior of your aircraft will keep your aircraft looking as new as the day you purchased it, helping to maintain it's future value, minimizing future costly repair and maintenance expenses and making each flight in your aircraft feel like the very first.

Our work ethic and attention to detail delivered by each member of the DJD team, along with exceptionally high standards and strict internal processes and procedures set out by the Company makes Diamond Jet Detailing the 'Partner of Choice' and the name you can always 'Trust' and rely on when it comes to every aspect of cleaning, polishing, detailing and protecting your aircraft.

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Responsible Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing

The Purpose

Although the obvious reason for cleaning & detailing your aircraft is to give it a clean and shiny appearance, the reality is that your aircraft should be carefully cleaned and detailed regularly to reduce the amount of corrosion occurring in the airframe, to arrest any corrosion that may have occurred and to prevent any further corrosion. It is estimated that up to 80% of the maintenance cost of an aircraft during its lifespan can attributed to corrosion, so anything that can be done to reduce the effects of corrosion should be done, in-turn yielding a significant cost benefit throughout the aircrafts lifespan. Prevention is always the best cure. Many aircraft cleaning companies focus on the appearance of your aircraft, however, appearances can be very deceiving and ultimately very costly in the long run.

The Water & Jet-Wash Effect

Water is one of the primary causes of corrosion on an aircraft, and although jet-washing an aircraft may be the quickest way to clean your aircraft, it also the quickest way to increase corrosion within the airframe as well as being extremely unfriendly to the planet and a complete misuse of thousands of gallons of water, especially considering that there is an alternative dry-wash method of aircraft cleaning and detailing that is not only better for our planet, but is also better for your aircraft. High pressure washing also drives dirt and contaminants deep into the lap joints and cavities, causing long-term degradation and damage to the airframe, along with the sand blasting effect that is created with particles of sand and grime. High pressure water will damage and penetrate seals, exacerbate paint loss and damage adhesive bonds found on the aircrafts structure.

High pressure washing aircraft brings additional issues when performed in the Middle East, due to the fact that most of the water sources come from either desalinated water which has higher salt/sodium content, Aluminums' worst enemy, or is actually recycled sewage water, which often contains other damaging contaminates. The intense sun and heat also speeds up the drying process of any water and cleaning fluids applied to the aircraft in volume via a pressure hose, making it far more difficult to remove any dirt and debris without using excessive force which is likely to damage the aircrafts paintwork and other important components, so although your aircraft may look clean and shiny due to a wax application finish, the likelihood is that under that shiny surface is a buildup of dirt and grime that will damage your aircraft and speed up the effect of corrosion.

Aircraft cleaning companies that operate a high-pressure wash system often do so for speed and cost, however at Diamond Jet Detailing we strongly believe that speed or cost should never be deciding factors used for anything to do with the care and maintenance of an aircraft.

The Diamond Jet Detailing Way

Diamond Jet Detailing is the UAE's first and currently only Aircraft Cleaning & Detailing Specialist Company to 'only use' the safe, responsible, green and eco-friendly Dry-Wash method, utilizing the skills of technician's independently trained & certified in the UK by a specialist aerospace, cleaning, detailing & bright-work training company, and also by 3M Middle East in the art of paintwork polishing and protective coat application.

The combination of skilled staff, aviation approved eco-friendly chemicals and polishes, and the DJD step-by-step Dry-Wash method is the safest, most responsible, effective and professional way to clean, detail, polish and protect your aircraft to achieve a Diamond Shine, Every time.